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Can someone further explain about advertising your services as a seller on a buyer request offers?

Hi, I know, I have read about the forbidden area of advertising our services as a seller on buyer request offer.

but what could someone explain it further for me? the border line of it

for example:
what about if I say that I have been doing my expertise for 10 years? does it count as advertising?
what about if I encouraged the to see my gig video? does it count as advertising?

could someone tell me more about do’s and don’ts on these particular subject.

really appreciate the help, thanks

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You cannot promote your services AS buyer requests.
You can promote your services when your RESPOND TO buyer requests.

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As a seller you are not allowed to promote your services by posting buyer request !
but when you are responding to any buyer request you can write things you offer and can encourage them to check out your particular gig that buyer posted request for!

I think he means his his responses (offers) to buyer requests.

I think he means in his offers for buyer requests.

Owh I see, so when I send offers, replying buyer request, Is it OK to talk about my expertise, encouraged them to see my gig video, or even other link video/image that promote myself?

yes I mean the corridor when replying for buyer request (send offers)

Yes, you can promote yourself in the responses to buyer requests. I would advise caution to not over do it though. Someone how constantly says they are professional, rarely turn out to be professional. If you have to say your a professional, even if you are one, it comes across as you’re probably not.

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do you mean turn out to be UNprofessional. thanks for your info and advise

Yes unprofessional. Or not professional. Both are synonymous.