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Can someone give me a clear understanding

Hello all and thank you for your time! I have been a 2nd level seller here at Fiverr off and on for years. Ive made near $20K in sales and have many wonderful reviews and return customers. The one and ONLY thing that is negative on my gigs is my response rate. Because of this, Fiverr has dropped me as a Level 2 (which Ive been as I said, for years) to a Level 1 – I wrote this about this and asked what was going on, their response was that my response rate was low.

As I explained to Fiverr, Ive answered each and all new message that comes to me and often I answer more questions after the gig is over. I still cant seem to get that response rate up…

Can anyone give me some clear cut idea’s on how to do this? I have already installed the Fiverr App and I do respond with that as well. Still it seems nothing is working.

Thank you and have a great day!

Hello, have you tried carefully examining your inbox at least once a day every day to make sure you didn’t miss any messages? This is the only way I can stay on top of it. I have 100% response rate.

Not only is it important so you don’t lose a level, but it’s important as far as getting sales. At least half my sales are from answering messages.


Yes… I respond to each and every new message that I get… Thats why Im sooo confused about this…

Do you respond to spam, too?

Often Im checking not just once a day, but several times a day…

Ive not had any experience with spam, but if I ever do get spammed, I hit the ‘mark spam’ feature

Somehow you are still missing messages if you are not at 100%. If mine drops below 100% I immediately ask CS what is going on.

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Thats why I dont understand… Because I get notified when I do get a new message… And I answer each one… Its incredibly frustrating…

Politely ask CS to check. They can easily pinpoint any messages you might have missed.


As I said, you need to ask customer support when it drops why it did that since it sounds like you don’t know why it is happening.

Notifications can get buggy.

I agree with @nikavoice, politely ask CS to check. It might be a bug.


Maybe there is a problem, I also answer all of the messages I receive and now i’m in a 98% response rate… weird!

What does your average response rate show on your profile?

also, keep in mind your RR is based on the last 60 days. So even if you started 30 days ago to respond on every message, you still have to make up for the bad statistics from before… the good news: time will pass by automatically.

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Sorry everyone, I had to be off to my 9 to 5 shortly after I posted this question. Too I was looking at my inbox last night when I got home, trying to figure out who in the world I missed. I dont even get that many messages to my inbox. Most of them are at the bottom of the order if there are any (which often there isnt unless people are thanking me) but even there, I reply with something … I like the idea that someone put about writing CS and asking which one Ive missed… I might do that… Just very frustrated… Thanks so much to all and have a great day!

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Right now… 36% ~ Also, if you would, please see what I just posted to the thread… I dont often get messages to my inbox…