Can someone give me a feedback on this gig?


Hello everyone Iā€™m not too old on and have created a couple of gig, i would appreciate if someone give me some feedback on this gig of mine
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello Dani,

I know, fiverr wants us to get sht done, but you should check your t sht design gig for typos! :wink:
I have no idea about the t-shirt design business as such unfortunately, maybe someone else has suggestions there.


You have a major typo in your gig description as @miiila says where you have put another word instead of shirt by leaving out the letter " r". You need to correct this right away!


Your competition is with sellers having 500+ reviews. So you have to make your gig better than then,if not better then atlease close to then. Your description is good but you can make it more better. Get more views to get your first order, all the best.