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Can someone give me some hope?

Hi there,

Excuse me for the dramatic title, but I have been frustrated with Fiverr for a couple of weeks now. I have a photoshop gig, that was ranked at #1 place back in November/December in the ‘Photoshop Editing’ category. It felt amazing, sales were going very well. Then I went on vacation and yes… I used vacation mode although I was very hesitant to. Right before my vacation, I had over 120k monthly impressions (just to give you an idea).

After my vacation, it took a while before my gig appeared in the search results again, but at least I was back on the first page. Unfortunately, everything kind of went down hill from there. I saw my stats decreasing by the day and right now, I’m at page 14 of my category, inspite of promoting my gig outside of Fiverr and making some changes to the keywords to try to see if this had any effect on the visibility of the gig. Nothing seems to work and I only seem to get work from returning clients.

I have been reading a lot on the forum and am seeing a lot of people with the same kind of problems, saying that it’s a new algorithm Fiverr uses.

Though I don’t really have a specific question, I guess I am looking for similar stories, maybe sellers who this has also happened to and how they dealt with it. Some helpful words, sharing your stories or tips are always welcome!

Thanks in advance,

Eline Vera


It sounds like your profile needs to get a bit of a kickstart again.
This post is one I made which is aimed at helping people get some sales again when they have had a slow period.


Thanks for that eoinfinnegan, I will thoroughly go through that :slight_smile:

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I went on vacation mode for four days at the end of last year and it was a two month slump.

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:open_mouth: Oh no! Is pausing gigs better?

I don’t know but it probably has the same effect. After I came off vacation mode there was a temporary boost, probably because a lot of people had checked on the box to notify them when I came back. But it took two months to recover.

So the good thing about vacation mode over pausing gigs is that there are buyers who get notified as soon as you come back.

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I lost a buyer because of vacation mode. I was in the middle of her order and went on vacation mode and although she could talk to me on the order page, apparently she got the message that she could not contact me. She said, “It will not do if I can not contact you when I need to.” And left me my first 3.5 review. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m very surprised as I was able to still chat with previous buyers on vacation mode. None of them had active orders.

Hi miss crystal,

Yeah, I think you’re right. I feel like the vacation mode might have been the cause. But how about the new changed algorithm? I recently became a level two, but also that doesn’t seem to make a difference. Do you also notice a huge drop in your impressions these last few weeks? I went from 120k impressions in december, to 48k impressions right now, and still decreasing drastically. I have no clue where this comes from. You would think Fiverr would push the sellers that actually earn them good money and have high ratings.

Have you experienced sales and overall statistics picking up again after a while?

I was surprised. I think it might have been a bug. I messaged her to apologise and explain but she has never answered.

I’m sorry that happened to you :frowning: I can imagine that feels unfair.

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YES amazing drop in impressions in all gigs to the point that my earnings are seriously affected this month and it started about three weeks ago.

My orders are around 2/3 of what they had been.

Same for me. I wish Fiverr would make some kind of announcement or newsletter in which they talk a bit more about what’s going on behind the scenes. I see so many people on the forum experiencing the same kind of problems.

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My impressions have steadily declined for three weeks now. All red arrows all the time on my statistics page.

I had hoped to experiment with higher prices, but now might lower my prices.

I’m so sorry to hear that! I really hope that this is just the eb and flow of Fiverr. I’ve not experienced a whole year as an active seller on this platform, so there might also just be slow months. However, I feel like there are so many people talking about the ‘algorithm’ of the Fiverr, that I suspect there might be something bigger going on. Let’s hope for the best I guess and keep working hard to improve and promote our gigs! :slight_smile:

No it’s some kind of problem again with the algorithm. It started when the new levels things started, the second evaluation period. They seem to be switching up the algorithm along with the evaluation periods.

I feel like there is some manual rearranging of gigs that goes on and they have not kept up with putting us top sellers in places we should be in manually but that’s just a guess. When they leave it all up to the algorithm it becomes messed up. It’s a wild guess on my part.

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Wow…! If that’s the case, then where is his platform going? Let’s hope it’s not and wait until the next evaluation period, hopefully things will get back to the way they were before three weeks ago :wink: Thanks for giving me some insights :slight_smile:

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I’ve used vacation mode 4 times

The first one was awful, it took me more than a month start getting sales again

The other three no problems, I turned off vacation mode just before getting on the plane road home, when landed I already had some orders, so, awesome

I haven’t used vacation mode since I raised my prices above $5, rarely buyers place an order without prior contact for evaluating the project, when the prices were at $5, it happened every day

Never give up, we need to adapt and evolve to the system changes to survive and keep getting sales, repeated buyers are great to keep the gig alive

We’re not going to get anything by complaining, the system is how it is and the updates are good for some people and bad for others


i agree with sergio_yanes. If I am not looking for something new that I haven’t purchased before, I usually go back to sellers I’ve previously done business with. The old adage, “People do business with whom they know, like and trust.” That being said, reach back out to old customers and offer them something special or a “new gig.” I actually think someone said this above. Or, use a new way of promoting your gig among business professionals. E.g. find people on social media that may look like they need their photo retouched AND ASK THEM IF THEY’RE INTERESTED IN YOUR GIG before sending it to them. Or try the one that always gets me to but (this really works and I usually end up leaving a nice tip, but ALL buyers are not like this), find pictures that you can make better, do the work (make a 25 - 50%) improvement and let a prospective buyer know, if they buy your gig, you’ll 100% improve their image. Some may frown on this, but the Universe reward the bold (and buyers rewards sellers) that offer VALUE beyond what they’ve purchased.

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That’s actually a really interesting response and strategy, one I actually have thought about doing yesterday. Now that you mention this, I think I will definitely try this out and see if I can get some new customers to notice my work. Thank you!

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