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Can someone help me figure this out please?

Analytics vs Sales stats makes ZERO sense to me! WTF?


NEW - 3


LATE - 0




According to the “Sales” page (stats listed above), it looks like I only have 34 orders placed (35) placed including the cancelled order…

However when I visit my analytics page it says I have 44 Orders created in total…

I am totally unsure how this adds up… As I’m approaching the end of my 2 month period and am hoping to get Level 2… how many orders do I exactly have so far?? So confusing so any help would be appreciated!



One thing I’d suggest right off is to go back to your Analytics page and scroll to the very bottom. There is a feature that shows you your level progress through level 2 there. It will give you some of the information you want. I can’t remember exactly what it looks like on the way to Level 2, but it shows a progression with most of the info you need. You’ll find more information on this here:

For me if I go to Analytics and add my Completed # + Cancelled # + Delivered # it equals the number shown under Orders Created on my Sales page. For you the same thing should apply I think, so Orders Created isn’t that important since it includes things that don’t count like cancelled gigs.

I would think you need your Completed and your Delivered numbers to equal 50 or above and to be entirely marked complete within 2 consecutive months in order to hit level 2.

As far as the stats you listed above:

-Priority shows you a general number for active gigs that you need to deliver soon. Not that relevant to anything else, it’s just a stat to help you see what you need to do next.
-I think New refers to gigs that haven’t had sales yet. Not relevant for leveling yet.
-Active shows the number gigs that are available for sale, while if you have some gigs that you have paused some those won’t show up in that number. Active really isn’t that relevant to the leveling process.
-Late: None for you delivered after deadline, so good!
-Delivered: I think this is gigs that you’ve recently delivered to buyers but haven’t necessarily been marked complete yet. Those will count as long as they go complete in time.
-Completed is the gigs you’ve completed entirely and already count toward the 50 you need as long as they were all completed within a 2 month time frame.
-Cancelled: Don’t count for levels.

Thanks for the great info!