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Can someone help me out please :)

So basically I couple of months ago I had to pause all my fiverr gigs in order to focus on my education. Before I paused my gigs I was getting order after order but now I am not.

Does anyone have any advice on how i can start to revive my account and gigs?

Here is my account

Have a good day, :slight_smile:

Hello h3f3110v3r
as you mention you you dont have any order now, its just because you paused your gigs and you get order after order (may be you did not complete that order OR you did not get high rating from buyer) so that why your gig ranking goes on low rating which mean its not showing to users.
try to change keywords
gig picture
and try to give 10 offer daily
after 60days your gig will rank again, because fiverr have 60days time period to new ranking.

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