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Can someone help me please?

Can someone please help me getting atleast 1 sale per month, I am very desperate about that.

Check out the seller tips on the forum.

Desperation doesn’t work here my friend but patience does.

Alright, thanks for helping me

but its been 2 month and i didnt get any sale yet:frowning_face:

You need to go through the forum for the tips that being shared everyday, that can help you in a great way. Send offers to buyer requests and competitors for what they’re offering, pricing, search tags, description or title. Don’t copy description or title word to word but you can take inspiration and have patience, there’s lot of competition here on this platform.

Alright my friend and thanks to understand me but one last question, can you tell me about buyer request because whenever I check buyer request its always empty?

That’s typical for Level 0 sellers. You won’t get a substantial amount until you’re level 1.

Alright my friend thanks to let me know

Have you tried using Pinterest to promote your services?

Not yet, have you some experience in that platform to promote service?

No, but I’m not a Pinterest Account Manager Specialist. 5 of your gigs are about Pinterest; if you can create, manage and grow Pinterest accounts for your clients, surely you know how to grow one for yourself?


I think pinterest is not suitable for that niche but if you say then i will try and see whats the result coming out.

Desperation is not attractive.

What are you doing to understand and target your market?

What have you done to see if Fiverr buyers want and need what you are selling?


Most small business, Blogger and Entrepreneur not using pinterest marketing for their services and pinterest is growing platform nowadays to advertise services.
I am virtual assistant to manage social media specially pinterest and I have results what i did for my some clients and its a good results so I thought to sell my services on fiverr marketplace.

I saw your fiverr profile and gigs, you are doing good job

That doesn’t mean people will buy it. It doesn’t mean the supply here doesn’t exceed the demand.

Lots of people need Wordpress, but there are more Wordpress sellers than buyers here. You must understand your competition.

But here competition is low who are providing services like that