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Can someone help me with my rating


Hi , i have had a good amount of orders but unfortunately because of some unfair bad reviews i ended having
4,9star for my main gig and that is a problem because now that i have only that rating i am getting like 15% of the order that i was getting before , it must be because people filter by 5star rating.

Out of 39 reviews :

I’ve had 36 - 5stars reviews
i’ve had 1 - 4,4 stars review
i’ve had 1 - 3,7stars review
i’ve had 1 - 1,7stars review

Do you guys have any idea about how much 5stars reviews i need to have to get 5stars rating again in this gig. Any calculation to do ?

Thank you


Can you anyone help :blush:


Hi @benkiller477

The only way to get back to 5* is by approximation but I don’t know what criteria Fiverr uses to rounds up to the next entire number.

If Fiverr uses a plain 0.05, you’ll need to achieve 4.95 rating if not, then you’ll need maybe 4.955 or 4.96.

In any case, this is how you do to calculate and I’ll do it assuming the least 4.95:

(189.8 +5*x) / (39+x) = 4.95
189.8+5x = 193.05 + 4.95x
(5-4.95)x = 193.05 - 189.8
0.05x = 3.25 ------> x = 65

So, to get and overall rating of 4.95 and assuming Fiverr will convert it into 5, you’ll need all your next 65 order to be rated 5*.

If Fiverr rounds up, say with 4.96, then you’ll need all your next 91 orders to be rated 5*:

(5-4.96)x = 193.44 - 189.8
0.04x = 3.64 ------> x = 91

General formula would be:

(total rating amount + x*5) / (total amount of reviews + x) = rating to achieve

Buyer gives me 1.3 star