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Can someone help poor newbie with technical questions?


I am using Logitech HD c310 for my video. I am editing in Windows Movie Maker. Fiverr doesn’t accept the Movie Maker format so I tried coverting to the acceptable formats but all seem to have problems (.avi too big, .mov not accepted by Movie Maker). I settled on .mpg but the quality after it is posted by Fiverr is reeeally bad. Does anyone have suggestions?

If am converting the file to .mpg is it still HD? Thank you so much for any help.


dare I say it?

If you’re going to be making any videos on a regular basis…


Reply to @bachas85: Some versions of WIndows Movie Maker do not export to MP4, so that’s not an option.



Hey song4you, you need .WMV from Movie Maker. I also use videos from Windows Movie Maker. .WMV works great.


thank you bachas85 - I’ll give it a try!


I was going to add a gig that “I will convert your video to any other format” but found so many other gigs that were already created so I decided not to. I still might later down the line, but… in the meantime if you purchase one of my gigs I’ll share with you a secret that you can use from now on :wink: (Hey it’s hard out here and I haven’t been getting any new buyers… :slight_smile: Hahaha

Just joking, message me and I’ll give you one of my secrets.


Hi hotwebideas. I thought fiverr wouldn’t accept .wmv I would rather use .wmv because that is the format I have from Windows Movie Maker (as you know). yipee - I’ll try .wmv again