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Can someone judge my gigs?


I am new to fiverr, I created 4 gigs but never got any customer, so i would like to know if people here could check my profile and tell me what is wrong, what i could improve, how i could maybe describe better my gigs etc.
I’m also not native english speaker so it might be possible that my gigs contain some mistakes.
Is it absolutly more attractive to put a real profile picture instead of a logo ?


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Welcome to Fiverr Forum. Best wishes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Check this link :

Firstly, on the English: do you have a teacher or are you learning on your own? If the first, you might be able to ask them for advice on your descriptions. If you do, don’t just make edits, but try to use this as a learning opportunity for any given advice. If you’re learning on your own, I’m guessing you practice somewhere with a native English speaker. Same thing on asking for advice, but they might not be able to help explain suggestions. In that case, the internet is your friend, and you might be able to look some things up. (For example, rules of capitalization: ‘Fiverr’, the pronoun ‘I’, and ‘English’.)

As for your profile image, it depends on if you have a good alternative image. If you keep the current one, it does need to be centered properly.

Back to the first set of questions: The animated logo clip is nice, but you only have one sample in the video, when you have three stills. The video-editing category isn’t something I can speak on, as far as your other samples go.

If you offer revisions, you need to state what those entail and what they don’t. (Please see (FAQ) point 1, 2, 3.)

Welcome to Fiverr Forum… best of luck

Hello, thank you for your advices, no I don’t have teacher, i’m practicing english since 6 years with my european friends.
And about logo animation it was supposed to be a template in which one i show different colors and presets but yes I should have made more.

Welcome to fiverr! I think I would put a professional logo or a professional picture as your profile image. Also, it’s true that grammar is important. Try Grammarly to check for any mistakes you may have!