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Can someone look over my gig please?


Hi guys,
Can you review my gigs and tell me what I am doing it wrong plz


Use a better logo design and fix all the mistakes in your text.


Okay thank you. Which text errors and whats wrong with the logo so i can make it better?


You should hire someone to proofread and edit your description.
There are plenty of people here at Fiverr who offers that type of service.

You need to work on your sample image for sure though.
Have you compared your gig with other successful logo sellers here?
I’m sure you can get ideas from them.


If you want help you need to make your own heading under the category Improve My Gig.


The gig says “This premium logo package includes 2 logs” - instead of “logos”.
I think it would help if a couple more logo example pictures were added.
Also, I think generally logo designers create the logos in a vector format (eg. .ai) - as well as distribute a .PNG &.JPG version. ie. would buyers also want a vector format version of the logo? Or maybe mention what resolution files will be delivered.


Okay thank you for the help.


your making fee in quite more than other please decrease your charges .