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Can someone please check out this gig for me


I keep on getting more impressions, clicks and views but no single sales. I don’t know what is really wrong with it. I have promoted many time, and yet no result.
This is the link


i check your gig and your profile photos are very good


Thank you. So there is no problem that you noticed, right?


Have you proofread your own gig description? If no, you should. If yes, maybe focus on something else than proofreading. Good luck!


I have proofread it myself and that’s the reason i was thinking maybe if another person could help me do that, since it’s not always the best for one to proofread his own work. However, thanks for your advice.


In the gig description you could make sure the word “I” is always capitalised.


Noted, thank you very much. i appreciate!


Your video is good but i see that there is a little bit of time between paragraphs, as you know not all people are native English speakers, so you can make it slower little bit, si Any one can read it,

2_ u should make an attractive background and money back guarantee logo at the end
Check my first gig to see exemple
Good luck


Thank you very much Walidhks. I appreciate you time.


Can i have the link to your gig please?


You forgot to provide me the link to your gig so i can see the example you talked about.


Ur welcome sir we are here to help each other


yes sir your profile photos are pretty good


Your video has typos. The correct word is guarantee.