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Can someone please explain the fiverr new algorithm?

Any one who figured out the new Fiverr algorithm please explain me how the Fiverr new algorithm work?

LOLz I think we wish we had the answer(s) for this Q.

Only Fiverr Staff can give you that kinda intel.

Unless :robot: has the answers. :thinking:

They don’t know as well :frowning:

That is not information that you need to know. If everyone knew how the Fiverr algorithm works, then people would be able to manipulate it, and it would become useless as the fantastic tool it is now for managing the hundreds of thousands of gigs hosted on Fiverr.

Concern yourself with your own gigs, and what YOU can control. Don’t worry about how Fiverr manages their algorithm. You just don’t need to know that.


It’s all about keywords, like SEO. When I search “facebook ad” I don’t find my gig.
“facebook newsfeed ad” finds my gig, but in the last row of page one.

“Facebook copywriter” gave me no results, nobody’s using it, so today I added the keyword and hopefully it will give me some sales.


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