Can Someone Please Give Me My Little Pink Balls Back?


Usually, I’m not one to moan (too much) about user interface changes and the like. At the moment, however, I’m really struggling without my little pink message notification and dashboard balls.

Yes, there are dots. However, the little pink dots are very easy to miss and don’t make me feel, “Yes! New Order!” - Instead, they just make me feel a little bit empty.

Why Fiverr? What sense was there in this mass castration?

More seriously, I think updates like this would go down a lot better (for buyers especially) if in advance, Fiverr sent out an email saying something like: “Coming Soon! Exciting new interface changes” Followed naturally, by a little update on where to find things like your payment balance and dashboard etc.


I agree. There are dots? I have a new order this morning, but I did not see any dot indicating such. Had to click through more menu options to find out. I’m not sure how making it more cumbersome to reach our work helps the site in any way.


These tiny pink balls are way less ‘in your face’.


I think it’s better to have 2 separate menus for messages and notifications.Otherwise notification bubbles get mixing.