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Can someone please help review my gig?


I had some sales and good reviews on my gig but I have had no sales since last year. Where am I going wrong? I have tried the buyer requests section too but there are very few relevant posts to user testing and most are just people selling their gigs. I have played around with pricing and my packaging and tried different thumbnail pictures. I feel very lost currently and don’t know what else to try. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


It looks well written. Here’s my ideas:

  1. Maybe try rewording the gig title to see if that helps. eg. try adding “usability” (perhaps instead of UX) to it to see if that helps searches.
  2. The “6 additional pages” option help says “Add an additional page to be tested by the seller”. Maybe Fiverr automatically adds that help but the help says “page” while the option is for “6 pages”.
  3. You could try using 3 packages in the gig to see if that helps.
  4. If you could do the testing on more than the specified devices (eg. PC, Android, etc. too) and stated that, that might help.

Also, regularly look for requests in the buyer requests section to see if there are requests related to this that you could do and send offers if there are. You could also look what buyers are asking for in relation to this sort of gig and maybe take that into account in your gig description.

But also, and I think one of the best things in this case (as well as looking through the buyer requests section and posting offers regularly where you can do them) would be to create additional gigs for different things you could do, which (depending on the categories) should also show more buyer requests in the buyer requests section.


Thank you so much! I will try your suggestions out!


Your GIG is perfect according to your skills.


Your English is remarkable. Your gig description is excellent. I can only grab at straws:

Experiment with different gig images, including overlaying your face over your gig image.

Your gig titles are too long, and yes, “UX” does not belong in the title.

Order a caricature of yourself to use as your profile picture, since the graininess and off-centeredness of your current profile picture are not assets.

Come up with some gigs that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses (not just make their work easier), since this is what is behind every one of the top-10 bestselling gigs on Fiverr. At least find a way to present your gigs as business-growing ideas.

Above all, keep changing things and adding new gigs every week or two until you find an opening in the market.

Best of success to you. You are far better off at this point than most new sellers on Fiverr, both because of your English language skills and your talent.


Thank you so much for your kind words and insight! Its truly very helpful! I will work on implementing it in my gigs.