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Can someone please order my gig,even though am new.i will beat your expectations

Hi everyone, am new here, with my years of expertise i will write, or rewrite your cv, resume and cover letter to suit your desired job needs. I have over 15 years experience which i believe will help tailor your work professionally and will be timely. Already had my first offer delivered, waiting for buyer to get back from his trip to give me a positive review which he already promised since he has seen the resume i did for his girl friend.
Right now i know because am yet to have a review on my gig, no one might be will to buyer from me. But believe, i dare you to try me and you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for your anticipated response,

Elona Daiz.

Moderator Note: User has been warned by forum readers and moderators and user has responded, so the forum rules violation has been addressed. Post will be moved to Improve my Gig in case others would like to suggest ways to get better.

It’s great that you got your new order, but begging for an order at the forum is something that tends to get frowned upon. If you want to promote your gigs, the “My Fiverr gig” is the section where you should do so.

“I have delivered exceptional resume writing services to over 7000 thousand clients”

Is that 7 million clients?

Thanks for giving me a heads up.

Could be 7 billion, although this means the client supply will soon dry up…

lol…you can say that again!

Elona, the image in your profile is in the New York Daily News online in an article about women lawyers.

People buy gigs because you are selling what they want and do not buy because you are begging them to.