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Can someone please review my gig, I am not getting any orders


I started my Fiverr account just about a month ago, shortly after I posted my gig ( I design PowerPoint presentations.

Before putting up my gig I read a lot on staff such as using keywords and adding a video etc, so I did that, but I am still not getting any orders :frowning:

I have only gotten a total of 18 views and 2 clicks in the past month. Can someone please help by reviewing my gig or by suggesting any tips that I might be missing?

Thanks :))


Hey there @gabgraphics1

First of all I would recommend perhaps lowering your prices so you can get some sales faster, you can then later change them back to what they are now. This will help since people are more likely to buy gigs that have already been bought and reviewed.

Second of all I would recommend telling friends and family to tell anyone they know would need power point presentations about your gig.

Last I wanna say that I think the video you have for your gig is great, the second last and last pictures could perhaps be changed to some presentations you have made in stead of what they are now. The description seems fine, though I would recommend perhaps using Bold letters for: “Hello!” and “In this gig we provide captivating and effective presentations. These presentations are all:”, and perhaps highlighting “Within 12 hours of placing an order we will send you a sample”

Hope it helps :grinning:

(ps: I recommend checking “Buyer requests” regularly)


Hey Kathfivr thanks so much for the review :slight_smile: . I will definitely have a look at the pictures, it did occur to me that they might need some work. I will consider all your suggestions when re-working my gig

Thanks :slight_smile:


Your current video isn’t engaging. Perhaps adding an audio track would be helpful. You have no sound right now. Add a track of your talking about your service, or, some sort of musical background. Show and tell your buyers WHY they should order from you.


Hey Jonbaas
Thanks for the great suggestion, I’ll have a look at talking about my services and why they should order from me
Thanks :slight_smile: