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Can someone please review my gig related to Design?

Hello people,
I have recently joined Fiverr and created a gig on Presentation Design, would anyone be so kind as to review my gig and advice me on how to improve?
Here’s my gig:
Thank you!
Have a great day.


hi i saw your gig and the here is the list of faults that i found
1 you primary picture is inappropriate try making new one with vibrant colors or make your second image as primary as you know most of orders mainly depend on photos
2 try changing your profile picture to your own picture but take it in creative way and you can turn beauty filter to maximum
3 as a newbie your price is too high try reducing the price and quantity also to earn more like 5 dollars for 2 slides are perfect
4 your description is does not look professional its like more formal and less convincing try adding clear services you can offer and put all primary things in first paragraph and choose correct words and write grammatically correct. you can also check my gigs if you need any gig picture related help

Here are some tips I recommend: