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Can someone please review my gig

Hello Folks…

I heard that in this forum people are helping each other and review each others profiles.So both can get some advantages.

can any one please review my gig?

I am not getting order.Please suggest some good details.



How come your gigs have links to a Flickr page whose owner is another Fiverr seller from India?
Do you have multiple accounts, or are you pretending that somebody else’s work is yours?
And surprisingly, half of your reviews are from him, and some of the rest from a user with the same name as his website…

too many of the same photos all over the place. Something doesn’t seem right. And you have several gigs for the same thing.

@belengarcia Yes i see same you thing you observed. person portfolio and the review same person it sound specious.

@sophia174 you must have to follow the TOS. also remove the flicker link from you account.

Thank You