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Can someone please search "cold call" on fiverr

Was wondering where I am ranked, be awesome if someone can tell me where on the page I show up.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You can check for yourself. I have checked and seen my ranking after I created a new gig. Since you just created yours you should consider filtering by new arrivals and see your ranking there.

I think you may get different results depending on the IP address. I’ve tested out on my friends mobile phone before and I showed up in different places.

Okay, I don’t know about that. Just sharing my own experience.

I was checking my own gigs for the longest time until I did a search on my buddies phone lol

Okay, well you should consider promoting your gig and improving gig views.

I honestly don’t think it depends on your IP address. It depends on the gig history of the user (the kind of gigs a person has watched) and the gig listing also seems to vary by the second.

Even if you do a search from the same PC… the position of gigs vary by the second. It is very dynamic. Sometimes, if you were to look for a particular gig, it would not even be on the same page as it was—only a couple of minutes ago.

To answer your question @davidho647416 , when I search for “cold call” on an incognito session, I see your gig listed on the first page at position #3.

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hey I think you’re right, I’ll retract the IP address thing.

And thank you I thought of some new ways to optimize it but why fix it when it’s not broken lol.

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I just did an incognito search too and you were on the first page at position #1

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Thanks for doing that. :slight_smile: