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Can someone please show me where in my gig description is says, "I will do your homework for you"?

Seriously, I need to know where I’ve implied this so I can remove it. I’ve lost track of how many requests I’ve received in the last month from students who have a paper due next week and upon further questioning, realize they’re asking me to write the paper for them. Maybe I’m getting hit by the PDP Effect?

The most annoying part is that these kids try to be sneaky. They’ll never outright say they want me to write the paper for them until they actually order, as though they think, somehow, if I agree to price I’d charge for proofreading a paper, I’m trapped and have to do it. One even had the audacity to refuse my cancellation request. She got the message when I keep immediately requesting cancellation again.

Fortunately, I’ve since wised up and have learned to spot someone who’s trying to pull a fast one…but seriously, why me? Where do I even imply that academic fraud is a service I offer?

Just slap 'em up with a loadsamoney custom quote. They’re kids, they can’t afford all $1,000 worth of your academic expertise. If they can, well, milk the cow.

I don’t get these requests very often–when I do, they get a very boring lecture about the importance of education and how cheating the system is only cheating themselves in the long run. They hate that.


I can´t see anything in your gig description that looks like a flag, implied or otherwise. Maybe you´re just unlucky in so far that they like your username (it´s a great name!) or something, who can know the ways and skittishnesses of the young 'uns.

Your gig doesn’t look like a homework gig to me in any way. The only thing that I can even possibly think of is the word “Essay” in your list of documents you will proofread. Some students might search for that keyword to find an essay writer. Fiverr has also been sending out warnings to sellers with actual essay writing gigs so it may be a flag word now too. I don’t think that means you have implied it, that’s just the only thing I can think of.