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Can someone read my Gig description, please?

Hi, I am wondering if someone can read my gig description and tell me what they think about it.

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Maybe change the "my length of expertise " bit.

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Ok thank you, I have changed that bit.

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I don’t know what it’s like in the field your in, but maybe you could start off with a short introduction, your experience, the software/hardware you use and then some bullet points about the services you do and don’t provide.

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Ok, I will try that, thank you for the advice.

I edited and rewrote what you already have in your gig description. Good luck.

Hi! Welcome to my Gig. I will provide high-quality, complex video editing, guaranteed for a creative and powerful experience.

My background and work credentials enable me to produce top-notch video editing that you will find valuable, professional, and highly-skilled.

I will also offer my professional opinion of your video so that your video reaches its highest potential.
Mainly, I work with corporate videos. However, I have experience with show reels, music videos, and travel videos, as well.

Davinci Resolve is my personal preference for editing because of its premium color-grading features, which create the best product. I would be more than happy to use Adobe’s Creative Cloud products, however, if you would like.
Let’s elevate your video into more than you envisioned it could be.


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As someone with epilepsy, I really did not like the first 3 seconds of your gig video (the flashing image).

Otherwise, @words_to_wow has already rewritten your gig description for you, so I would use and learn from that if I were you. :wink:

It is not polite to hijack someone else’s topic. I think more people would want to help you if you hadn’t stolen large parts of another seller’s gig description. You still haven’t written your own description even though I pointed it out to you yesterday as well.


I make changes on it

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Yeah, I don’t really like the start to my gig video either, thanks for the advice for gig video.

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WOW! Thanks very much.

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You’re welcome. Hope it works for you.