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Can someone recommend a decent email service, free, besides Gmail?


I tried hotmail, and mail. com and neither one would work!

I have used yahoo mail and gmail. Yahoo mail always gives an error message when I try to add a new email address.

Gmail also is not letting me go to any new email addresses I try to add for some reason. So these four are not working for me. So far I have found it impossible to get a new email address anywhere.


ProtonMail (based in Switzerland) is good if you’re privacy minded. Not as generous as Google etc. with the free space (lower limits) but they don’t read your mails/use them for ads, and have some very nice security/privacy features. I like the app too. Very pretty Swiss :mountain: login page.


You can use Startmail. It’s not free but its pretty fully featured.


Tonight I signed up for hotmail, then was not able to sign in to the account I had just created, and mail I sent to it bounced back to me as if there was no account.

Then I signed up for mail. com, and the same thing. I could not sign in again even though I had just set up the account.

I am trying to get a new email address to use on fiverr to see if that will help me be able to get my earnings. I am going to have to shut down my service until this situation is fixed about not getting my withdrawals.

This is as if everything is conspiring to block me so far. I’ve been struggling with this for hours. Who would have guessed something as seemingly simple as setting up a new email account would be impossible?

And all this time, without being able to withdraw my funds, we have been casting spells all night every night as usual, with me spending ten hour days each day on the computer, on fiverr, just as if we were still getting paid.

Our account is not blocked on fiverr, nor on paypal, so we have no answers at all about what is happening or why.


If you have an old Android device lying around, hit master reset, boot it up, and create a new Gmail account during set up. This is an easy way to get around some difficulties with creating/administering 2 Gmail accounts.

Alternatively, if you would like to transfer all your Fiverr earnings to my PayPal, just say the word. :slight_smile:


I may do just that soon. They definitely are not coming to me. Or you could make me a very expensive video.

It is now 3:30 A.M. and we have cast several spells tonight as usual, then I have spent a couple of hours struggling with emails that won’t work. Hopefully by dawn I will have a new email at least.


It still hasn’t been sorted? Wow. That is really bad. There should be some sort of override that will process the payment manually. This is not very fair.

I think you should go for the Payoneer option and just give it a go. It doesn’t look like anything will get resolved anytime soon.

Have you tried changing your isp etc


If you want email that you can have full control over, you can sign up for a hosting service like BlueHost. Some of those charge around $3-5 a month but you have great spam protection, easy email addresses and they are trusted by more financial institutions since they aren’t freebies.


I agree it’s not fair. I’m working for free now, along with the others here I work with.

We use supplies, we have expenses. I spend at least 12 hours a day seven days a week here or casting spells.

So I thought I would make a new email to try with paypal and can’t seem to do that.


Really, for now you should just get the Payoneer card. Since you are in the US it should arrive quickly and/or allow you to transfer to your own bank account.


I don’t know about everywhere else but Google do limit account creation here, I think it’s 5 accounts per phone number, so if you want to use your phone number (or even have to because of their checks) and have/had already 5, you won’t be able to create a new one.


I’ve read the above about the email situation and it sounds a bit strange. I remember creating an email account because it was necessary for the platform I was about to work on and it was ready to go within a short amount of time. If you haven’t tried outlook, go with that and if problems surface again do a system scan of your computer to make sure nothing has piggy backed onto your hard drive.

It sounds farfetched but a memo was sent out at a family members work place warning them to look extra carefully at links as we are accustomed to auto correcting misspellings; i.e. seeing ‘backpack’ instead of ‘backpak’. Even if its unlikely check to be sure.


Another thought, unless you have a fixed IP, perhaps try resetting your router before retrying to create a mail account; in case your current IP has been used before by someone creating mass email accounts, it might be blacklisted by the big mail providers.


I managed to get a new email account finally.


So, still no money? Your thread died with no results.


People complained the thread about not getting paid was boring.


may be boring to them… not you! This can happens to anyone here.

So, what’s new ? any update ? did you try payoneer yet ?


Oh my, are my correct in saying this has been happening for 3 weeks?

That must be super frustrating.

Hopefully you can connect another email to your Fiverr account and test it out to see if there is any difference?


It’s not something I want to talk about any more, sorry.


Did you try Microsoft’s another service, I use it and it’s good.