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Can someone report this seller

I asked her to design a book cover which she delivered today on time. It was a link drive which I have to ask her access approval. 10 minutes after she delivered I messaged her for approval while she is still online. She did not response for a whole hour despite being online

I noticed she attached a pdf which said I can only view it if I approve the order delivery. Which I did and nothing came up. She took my money and decided not to respond.


Yes. Contact Fiverr Customer Service and report immediately. This would be considered an empty delivery and/or an attempt at review manipulation which is firmly against Fiverr TOS.

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Can you please direct me to their email or link. Thank you

Please remove the name of the seller. It is against Forum rules to name and shame.


You need to remove the name of the seller as negatively naming buyers and sellers is against forum rules.


Didn’t know that. But then how can I report them

Link to CS.


Here you go: for the quick version.

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That’s one of the more manipulative things I’ve heard yet. I hope it works out well for you! I’m so sorry you experienced this.


Why would you complete a transaction not knowing exactly what you are getting? How about if you needed a revision? How about if they misspelled the title of the book and it’s already approved and done? Only approve an order if you are satisfied with the delivery.


I mean, the username got quoted here and it’s both TRS and PRO seller. Call me naive but maybe it’s a genuine mistake or miscommunication? Or something else. It’s just such a bizarre irresponsible way to sabotage your own account.

Either way, if you’ve ordered the files and didn’t receive them with the final delivery for whatever reason, Customer Support will deal with the situation.


I checked to see if it was on that list someone posted of accounts. It does sound very bizarre. I can’t imagine a TRS and Pro doing that.


I hope it was a mistake and the seller would be busy with so many projects and by mistake he made a mistake

I think he/she offered 0 revisions on her gig and had bad experiences with recent buyers, that’s why he/she did like that


As @lenasemenkova pointed out, this user is both a TRS and a PRO, with hundreds of 5 Star Reviews, some in the last couple of days. I’m not a gambler, but if I were, I’d say that this is likely a technical issue, or a communication issue, which you’d easily resolve by communicating with her and by being a little patient.

Sure. She’s a freelancer. Perhaps she had to go out? Perhaps she had to collect her kids from school? Perhaps she had to take a call. Perhaps she’s had a family emergency. Perhaps any number of things.

You spent some money on something, and the end result was not as you expected. This is understandably frustrating. But there are a multitude of easily accessible resources at your disposal to help resolve this for you, not least Fiverr Customer Support, who will reach out to the seller and aim to get a swift resolution. Her profile suggests that there have been no major issues with her in the past. I’m assuming this was one of the contributing factors to you hiring her.

Yet your first instinct was to create an account on the Fiverr forum, so you could name and shame this individual and call for her to be dealt with, in public. (her username is still visible in this thread btw). I find that troubling. If this issue gets resolved, will you be so quick to come back here and apologise to her? This is someone’s livelihood you’re playing with here!


Something needs to be said about the entire “I saw the seller online AND…” complaint that pops up a lot.

I got my own share of “Aha! I saw you online!” messages and

  1. Doesn’t mean that I was. I could’ve had fiverr open in another tab, or the app open on the background having no intention to even use it that day.
  2. Doesn’t mean that I was in any way obligated to respond immediately. We’re encouraged to respond asap, but 1 hour is pushing it a bit.
  1. Perhaps I was online because I was working on an order, and checking the information on the order page. Interrupting work to answer a message (or several messages in a row) means being less focused on doing a good job (and less focused on the messages, too). I’m pretty sure that no buyer messaging me would want me to stop working on their order and answer a message sent by someone else.

If he/she attached a pdf file you can view it if you download it,perhaps this is about watermarks ? All watermarks are being removed after a buyer accepts the order , maybe it’s just a confusion :wink:

Exactly this. Many times I have opened order page to see list of task I need to done.

Some buyers think that sellers are working only with them

For drive link, if you didn’t want to ask for access, you could easily ask her to send you downloadable link that doesn’t require access

For PDF like mention above, it might be just watermark

It looks to me that this is just big communication issue, I don’t believe that TRS/PRO will risk anything


The OP literally created a forum profile just to bash this seller, and hasn’t been on the forum since. I suspect the issue has now been resolved, he’s got his order, and has forgotten all about the knee-jerk reaction post he created calling for her immediate banning/exile/whatever it was he deemed appropriate.

For the record, I’m not against buyers being angry at sellers, quite the opposite. There are some awful, devious sellers on Fiverr, as we all know. There are systems in place to deal with them, and fraudulent sellers have no place here. It just irks me when someone’s sense of entitlement is so great that the second something goes even slightly wrong, rather than taking a deep breath and going about things in a sensible/mature way, they choose to use the internet to engage in essentially a mini smear campaign, offering either no proof or (in this case) minimal proof that the seller has done anything more than commit a possible technical error when delivering the order.


A small percentage of my buyers have issues viewing .PDFs. I do optimize them for web view but still, there is either a problem with certain mobile phones viewing a heavy artwork or even computers loading it as a blank page first. I always attach the .JPG as well for that reason.

My buyers (thankfully) contact me and give me some time to respond before searching for ways to report me.

Considering that OP hasn’t returned with an update, I’m assuming it was handled.