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Can someone review my gigs?

Here’s my profile:

What am I doing wrong? What things I should do to improve my gigs? Can someone review my gigs?


Stats of gigs (3rd day on Fiverr):


I think you are selling assignments which is against fiverr rules and your account will get banned by fiverr.

I want to do projects. I think I used wrong word. I’ll change. Thanks

Welcome to fiverr forum
You are new seller so you need to spend more time in fiverr and forum.
You should share your gigs to your social channel and you should bid on job from buyer request.
Follow this step and try to learn more about fiverr gig sales in valid way.
Fiverr has a free course so you can check it and I hope you will get more help after complete the free course.
Have a good day
Thank ou

Maybe your gig is not activated yet

we will wait and see bro :slight_smile:

Are you sure your gigs are activated or not? As @moditha_damindu mentioned selling assignments is against fiverr T&C. You should do more reserch on your gig.


Gigs with 0 impressions created today. It could be that they are not activated. I’ll wait, thanks

Now I changed images of gigs. I think this images are looking more professional than others.
I removed “Assignment”. I’ll be no longer do that.

Thanks for helping, everybody!

If you created the Gig today, then you can see the impression of that Gig tomorrow