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Can someone run 2 accounts on fiverr as a seller


Or it is against TOS?


If you take some time and read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you’ll find out that having more than one account is strictly forbidden, and can lead to a ban of all the related accounts.


Perhaps you should take the time to READ the TOS yourself, so that you know what is and is not against the rules. The link to the TOS is at the bottom of every Fiverr site page.


Unbelievable that people are still asking this…


This forum is starting to get a little boring with repetitive questions that can be found if the OP spent 2 minutes reading the TOS.


I mean how fiverr will judge that person is using 2 accounts, when name and gigis will be different?


It is against the tos to have 2 accounts, why you keep asking again?


Buddy… just don’t do it. It is against the rules, and Fiverr has their ways of knowing.

You WILL likely have one or both accounts banned if you try. Just don’t do it, and leave it at that.


I have no clue why you want to know the ‘HOW’
Anyways, I think it is based on IP addresses and/or MAC address of the PC, credit cards, banks accounts, paypal…etc
I don’t know, they might have a million method to find out.


Thats what I want to know
Thank you all for help


Just be careful and do not do it. If you try to abuse the system and be smart, you might get both accounts permanently deactivated.


From your questions it looks like you are trying to see how you can make 2 accounts without Fiverr know about it


Haha :joy:
May be you are right.


Then you’d better not to think on how can you cheat the system and create 2 accounts.

Sooner or later fiverr will find out and they will block both accounts. Maybe you are trying to be a smartie here but they have their own ways of identifying it and of course they wouldn’t share them all so “smart” people like you could not cheat the system


So… You’re asking how to cheat, and you’re showing yourself as someone who might be dishonest. In front of potential buyers (literally anyone can read the forum). And in front of a bunch of Fiverr users (buyers and sellers both) who are really, really tired of all the cheaters trying to circumvent the rules.


I am not going to use 2 accounts just want to confirm as there are some videos on YouTube saying that “it is not announced by the fiverr to use only one account”


I strongly believe that TOS are actually secure the buyer and seller equally and should be followed.


There are many videos on YouTube saying a lot of nonsense.


Exactly, you are right mostly are misleading(Just to catch the viewers attention they do so)


In addition to reading the ToS for yourself, you should read the forum rules, too.