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Can someone stop advertising in Buyer Requests

All in title I don’t even know what is request what is advertise its freaking anoying.


Yeah I completely agree with you. It’s pretty annoying but nothing can be done about it. Maybe fiverr system way behind these ‘a-lot-of’ scammers. There should be a ‘report’ button for such requests. What do you suggest?


Just to hire some moderator or somone to monitor that or simple report button as you said,and to punish those with 10 days ban or something.Also there is a lot of idiots who use bots to “automatic” contact in buyer requests so yea.


@paco1337 I can recall to that. I needed a software related to designing so I posted a request in designing section about I want someone to provide me the software. I got 35 offer out of which 33 were simply bots who were offering their designs, and not the software. I guess fiverr should do something serious about it it will soon become like a flea market.

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Fiverr could create a buyer request or a contest for people to compete to create a system that would automatcially flag buyer requests. Such as a flag for if it appeared to be a seller advert, or if it was a buyer asking for something for $0, or if the buyer request was a duplicate or likely against the TOS/law etc. That way, with multiple competing people working on such a system, they’d likely get quite a good, efficient system, with a lot less (or lower percentage of) seller adverts etc. in the buyer requests section (and posting seller adverts there could still lead to suspensions etc.), as well as likely less (lower percentage of) valid buyer requests being denied.

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Its so annoying…I swear

I am afraid no one can stop seller’s adverts in Buyer Requests section. Maybe Buyers can all come together and start avenging by posting in seller’s request section lol (if that is even possible) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But jokes apart, that seriously pisses me off too. We should all post our suggestion of bringing in a new rule against stopping this malpractice in " Fiverr site suggestion" section. Maybe then Fiverr support will realize that it needs some action.

Fiverr should penalize sellers who are found to use a Buyer’s request section or just disable access to the section for seller profiles… as simple as that :slight_smile:

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It’s got to the point were I just don’t go on Buyer Requests. It’s a waste of my time.

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There’s already a poll for this.

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