Can Someone Suggest Some Cheap Advertisement Methods?


Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a great week and I hope you can help me address a question that I may have. I hope I am not breaking the rules by asking if anyone can recommend a very lost cost method of advertising my gigs and get some great exposure.

I have purchased gigs here from top sellers who say that they will get my gigs exposed to like 2 million people, but it only leads to one sale. I really like working with Fiverr and appreciate their patience with me because I have caused some trouble with some gig verbiage and complaints.

Can you give me some Fiverr sellers who have yielded you results (sales)? I do have a 100% feedback rating as a level one seller. Thank you so much for your help!



I advertise around Yale University. My clientele are always looking for ways to spend their money. I would be happy to try and help you in some way? Just message me:)


Post on forums relevant to the service you offer. Don’t spam them, but just put your link in your signature, or on your profile page.


P.s. How come you’ve taken pictures of your screen to use as pictures, rather than using a screenshot?


I’d also recommend doing buyer requests, for some on-site advertising, if you haven’t already.


Can anyone suggest a forum of some sort that will by product review gigs? What are keywords I would use on Thanks!


Reply to @sara1984: I have had trouble with the size specifications. This is the only way I can figure out to let my pics fit. I hate the size requirements, it drives me nuts.


Reply to @emasonwrites: I’ve had some luck with those in the last few weeks. Thanks for this advice!