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Can someone take a look at my gig?


I’m a new user and I’ve set up a translation gig. I haven’t got any orders yet but it’s understandable. Can someone take a look at my gig and tell me where to improve? Also, what are buyers requests for? gig here


I offer English to Italian translation of and vice-versa up to 500 words for 5$. I will translate

  • Remove the of
  • The end - I will translate is useless since it is not needed as we know you will translate because you said you offer E2I traslation.
  • Traditionally the dollar sign is before the number. so $5


Do as mentioned you @miroslavglavic… Just follow him


Thank you for the help! Not to bother you any further but do you know why my buyer requests are not updating?


Hi there.
First of all, are you saying that you are only 10 years or so old? If yes, that is fantastic. If not, why mention the age of living in England and not mentioning how long you’ve been living in Italy?
Mentioning that you have practiced English for x number of years even while living in Italy would help you.
I have corrected a couple of spelling errors and here is how I would list your gig:


I offer English to Italian translation and vice-versa up to 500 words for only $5.

Here are some examples of what I can translate for you:

• Presentations
• Essays
• Lectures
• Articles and blogs
• Sales pages
• Just about anything else

All translations are done within 24 hours

When translating your document:
I will keep in mind the context and the flow of the text.
I will not simplify or compromise the integrity of your text to make things easier. All the details will be left untouched.
• I will not use any software because it is unnecessary and translation software is no match for an actual human translation.
If you have a particularly long or technical text, please contact me for a custom offer and a delivery time evaluation.

About me:
I have lived in England for 3 years, between the ages of 6 and 9, during which period I learned the English language. Now I live in Italy and I have earned the First Certificate by the Cambridge Language Assessment (see profile).

Thank you!

Hope it helps


WOW! Thank you! This is great! It’s soooo cool that people put in so much work to help others!


Any time, my friend. In fact, I will probably order a gig from you in a few days.


This is going beyond any expectations!


I have five gig that are created with different skilled. But there is no order yet. Can some one take at my gig?


You can send some buyer request to them who buy the gig look like yours.


Your description says: “I am done with full quality”

Do you mean that you will complete the task in the highest quality available?


You may benefit from adding a description of yourself to your profile.

I am a new seller, also; but, I think that may help. :slight_smile:


In the portfolio section?


You need to create your own heading in the category “Improve My Gig”


Certainly, I’ll try my level best to done the task with full quality.


Hi Omor,
All of your descriptions are in choppy English. While you may be very good at what you do, most English speaking marketers will steer away from a gig that is written in improper English.
To start with: Change “I’ll satisfied you with best quality” to "I will satisfy you with the best quality"
I would change your general description for all of your gigs to the following:
Welcome to my page.
My name is Omor Faruk. I work both offline and online and provide customers different types of professional services with the best quality in each area.
When you place an order for any of my gigs, I will deliver the work on time and with your full satisfaction guaranteed. I am looking forward to working with you.

All of your headings for each individual gig need to be changed as well:
I will do spreadsheet data entry
I will remove watermarks from up to 10 images
I will remove background from any image
I will design a perfect business card for you
I will research and collect any data for you

That is just the headings but those are the most important ones. The individual descriptions for each gig could use some help also.

Hope it helps.


Dear wanderingshrew,

Thank you so much for giving valuable guidance.



I have a problem. After editing according to your instruction my gigs on the online is not show. #


Can anyone pls. check my gigs, I am beginner in Fiverr so I don’t want to do yet?


You can change your gig title to “translate Italian to English and English to Italian” in order to increase your gig’s appearance in search. Also try replacing the tags “manually” and “fast” with “English” and “Italian”