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Can someone tell me if Average Price is showing on my gigs?


It’s a little bit frustrating that now I can’t even see my gigs as others see them as far as if there is starting price or average price showing and I have to resort to asking someone to be kind enough to tell me or better yet take a screenshot if they show average price but
this is how fiverr wants it.


I only see the “Starting At” price for all of your gigs, but I’m on a mobile device and don’t know if that makes any difference.

I’m about to get on my PC and I’ll check for you again.


Thank you so much! Every time I hear it shows starting prices my hope is renewed.


My :dog: decides he needed to go out again, so I had to make a pit stop. :grinning:


As of right now, here’s the view I get.


Thank you. I can tell when I’m not getting orders the average price is showing.


Sorry, I hope it all settles down soon and stops changing by the hour.


Maybe it is a browser issue. In Chrome, I see the average price of your gigs whereas in Mozilla and Safari I see starting prices.


I use Chrome. It’s not a browser issue since I’ve checked in other browsers.

Showing my average prices accomplished two things:

stops people from buying who want to pay less than average, and
angers regular clients who paid more than average. It also stops them from paying what they usually pay.

It kills sales.


I’m also using Chrome and see the starting at price.

Dang, MissCrystal. I’ve given up sending you a screenshot. I just keep failing at it majorly! :joy:


I sent a message just now to customer support asking why we see two different things.


I’m still seeing ‘starting at’ for everybody and everything!


Do keep us posted. It is interesting to see that everyone is seeing differently.

Btw, I agree with your earlier statement.


I got a reply from customer service that it’s a test and it will end and we will have the option to see starting prices again.

It can’t end soon enough. I had ONE CUSTOMER THIS WEEKEND.


I see starting price everywhere. Can you check the average price on my gigs?


Can you and everyone please add your URL to your profile so we can click on that instead of having to search for you under the main fiverr page?


Anyone know why Discourse changed from showing the profile links as a default?


@blaisefaint Because it’s a change that is annoying.

No actually I was told it is a bug and is being fixed a few days ago.


My Fiverr profile shows before, no idea how it dissapeared?


I have never seen average prices on anyone’s gigs.