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Can someone Tell me if my gigs are good? are they any good?


It is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service to offer gigs that help buyers with academic work.


even if its to guide them?

Yes. I would delete the gig immediately if I were you.

You should read Fiverr’s Terms of Service here:

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is the the discursive one/ yeh?

Yes, that is the one.

done! so is that concidered prepering academic work then? and have you got any good tips for me bro?

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Yes, anything that has to do with school work is not to be offered on Fiverr.

I don’t know much about Call of Duty or streaming, but I would suggest that you research when letters should be capitalized and when they shouldn’t, for your proofreading gig. You should also specify in all your gigs what you can offer customers, and your expertise in the subjects, meaning why they should choose you over the thousands of other sellers.

Otherwise, I will suggest that you read the Terms of Service as it is very important. You should also read as much as you can in the forum as it contains a lot of great advice.

EDIT: I will also add that you should remove that you are looking for “anything easy,” and that you are “just trying to make easy money” from your description. Fiverr is not easy money, and it gives the impression that you are not serious about your work.

damn tysm bro that feedback will hopefully help me out brother <3

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