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Can Someone Tell Me What My Response Time Is Showing?

So, my response time is bugged and support isn’t being very supportive at the moment. Can anyone please see what my response time is showing to you as a buyer?

It is not showing anything.

1 hour! :slightly_smiling_face::sunny:

@lloydsolutions - I think it’s changed? You need to click on the ‘contact me’ button and then you can see the response time. :sunny:

It is showing 1hr if you do that but nothing is showing on the profile page. Mine and others are showing on the profile page.

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Then why am I stuck with 10 hours on my stats? I’ve gone through 2 support representative and the third one just gave up and sent me a generic response to close the ticket.


@offlinehelpers, thanks for checking it out! Really appreciate it.

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Just looked at yours and it is not showing on your profile page either. Maybe they are changing something.

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Just for a change? :wink:

@ssj1236 - you’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve had a similar issue and I simply ignored it.

Avg. response time1 Hrs.