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Can someone tell me whats wrong with my profile? Cannot get any orders!


Ok so it’s been 12 days and I cannot get any orders. I have sent 28 offers to buyers request and haven’t gotten a single reply back. I have displayed good work and details neatly. I even made everything SEO friendly. I just need a review from someone who knows a lot about all this and tell me where I can improve, or guide me and tell me what’s wrong. Thanks!


Think you need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Just keep doing what you are doing and take time to read through the forum for lots of helpful tips. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


i have also same problem, i am a level 2 seller, it’s now 11 days, i never got a order. i don’t know whats wrong. everyday i am sending a Bayer request, but no one even reply. maybe something wrong on my profile.Please someone help me…


If you want help you need to make your own heading under the category Improve My Gig.


Okay I’ll try that, thanks!


buyers requests 200 : 2


It does take time. Your profile is OK - but that isn’t what you should be aiming for. Like it or not, there are hundreds of people competing for the same niche as you. Think about what makes you different, and let people know about it.


Sir, the 11 days of your drought have corresponded with the American Thanksgiving holiday (and it’s after-affects). Things will be busy next week.

Your gig images look fantastic. You’ve got real talent. I love your profile image. A couple of ideas:

Your trifold gig is dead, killed by that single bad review. You don’t have a lot of reviews on it overall anyway, so kill it. It’s dragging you down.

Try moving to $10 or higher as a base price for gigs that have a number of reviews. It is a differentiator, without scaring off anyone, and you have the artwork to command it.

Turn your negative reviews into positives with the way your answer them. Give them 5-stars, even if they didn’t leave 5-stars for you, and don’t argue with them. Fall on your sword. Example: “Well-deserved low rating. My apologies. I somehow completely misunderstood what you were wanting. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to set it right.”

You are in a lot of overcrowded categories. What makes the most money on Fiverr are gigs that help grow entrepreneurs’ businesses. All of the top-10 bestselling gigs on Fiverr do this, but none of yours do (except maybe the Amazon gig).

Your profile, gig titles and gig descriptions are littered with errors. I will proof it all for you (free) if you will make any of these other changes, and them message me.

You’ve got great talent. I wish you the best of success.


Thank you so much for taking out time and replying! Really helped me alot.


Why do you feel entitled? “it’s been 12 days and I cannot get any orders. I have sent 28 offers”

I’ve personally sent 1,000 cold emails and 500 cold calls before I get my first customers. Same here. I waited 5 months for my first order. And still I didn’t think the world owes me.

Change your thinking or you’re gonna go nowhere.


Maybe because I’ve read so many success stories but damn, that’s inspiring. Thanks man


Success stories are usually written by people that want to mug you off. People are bad in general, I’m talking majority wise. And the worst thing you want to do is just quit when it’s hard. Losers quit. I’ve quit so many times in my life so I can get immediately back up. Life’s not over innit, mate? Life’s around 70% pain and sadness by my simple calculations and experience.