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Can someone tell me why my messages to sellers go unanswered and refund gets issued?

I’m new to fiverr and I’ve tried 3 different sellers now to work on a project for me. I give all the info needed, hit send and don’t receive a response. When the time is up I get a message saying a refund and mutual cancellation has been offered. I’m going on seller number 3 and I have tried a popular seller and a newer seller to no avail :frowning: not really impressed with this site so far!


You must sent your project offer or job offer to related seller and text to seller before order, if they agree with you then press order.


Did you read the gig description and comply with instructions? Sellers are here to make money so if they are cancelling your gig, you must be giving them a reason to do so.

I know as a seller i get buyers ignoring the gig instructions all the time and placing orders that do not comply. I can’t do a gig unless instructions are followed and proper information is provided.