Can someone tell me?


I thought Fiverr is giving us $4 fix price for every gig we make but in my paypal account it only shows $3.92. Where is the $0.08. . . Just wanna know. . .:slight_smile:


Paypal :slight_smile:

Taxman :slight_smile:


I see. So is it also a fixed amount whenever you transfer money to paypal? or it depends on the amount?


It’s a percentage (2% i think?) of the money you transfer over to paypal, so it depends on the amount :slight_smile:

And if you withdraw it to your local bank account, the bank may charge another fee - but it varies with every bank :slight_smile:


i see. . thanks!


Anytime you do not understand and can’t find it in the help or support section, contact Fiverr. They are always happy to help. Their customer service has been very responsive any time I have contacted them.


BEcause everyone has a hand in your earnings, fiverr takes off the top, paypal then takes their share and if you really earn a lot of money here in the US (and I am sure elsewhere) good ole Uncle Sam aka the tax man is standing at your door with hsi hand out


Reply to @ann_intong: You’re welcome, kabayan! :slight_smile:


and don’t forget your tax write-offs if it’ll amount to anything much, i.e. office supplies and equipment, and even if you own a guard dog to protect it, you can write off some dog food and grooming… Really!


There are a lot of creative ways to use your business for “write-offs” but guard dog in my home I think would be stretching it. If you had the guard dog at a location that was business only, then it may be legitimate but if you have the dog at your home, the IRS will look at the home/business use and most likely deny or reduce greatly your write off.

But the point is well made, there are a LOT of very reasonable write offs you should be taking, as livenow111 says.


If you take out $50 or higher, you will only be charged $1 from PayPal. I tend to wait until my earnings are $100+ to avoid too many fees.


Reply to @aingham69: Me to, that is why 2x a month workd for me


Reply to @aingham69: Agree, unless you have to have the cash, better to reduce your fees.