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Can’t buy gigs using paypal

why i Can’t buy gigs after go to paypal page and login and press Continue it return to fiver and say “oh no we have problem processing this order”

i am from Saudi it is wrong
my bank account in al-ahli bank

It could be an issue with paypal and not fiverr.
Do you have funds on your paypal account? in that case try again. If you don’t have any funds, it could be an issue with your bank.

I am getting the same thing, via Paypal and my credit cards. I tried 2 and both have sufficient funds. I now have 8 zero dollar authorizations. What gives?

Mine is United States bank.

I can’t really tell the reasons why it happens, but it could relate to your previous activities using the PayPal account. If you’ve used the PayPal on Fiverr before, and disputed order with it, chances are that Fiverr will not allow you to use the same PayPal to buy again. I haven’t experience anything like that, but since Fiverr automatically ban users that file dispute from PayPal, it could be a reason.