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Can\'t change delivery time to 1 day? I\'m told this is normal?

I have always been able to set any gig delivery time to 1 day but now on one of my gigs it will not show 1 day delivery. I can set it for 1 day but when I look at my gig it shows 2 days.

I’m not sure, but I think I know the answer to this. My gigs have a long delivery time right now since I’ve been moving and my displayed delivery time shows up a little shorter than the actual on most of my gigs since I’ve been delivering them a bit earlier than the deadline.

I think that if you set yours to a day and get a few orders where you do deliver consistently within 24 hours, your displayed time will gradually adjust. I don’t think it was always like this and that’s one reason I’m not sure. Maybe someone else who has seen this phenomenon can add to it. If I learn anything “official” I’ll update this, but that’s best guess for now.

Thanks for answering.

A week ago I set it from 3 days to 1 day. Then tonight I saw it was showing as back on 3 days, so I again set it on 1 day and then it showed 2 days on the gig.

I found out the problem: One of my extras is set for 2 days. However even though I changed that extra to 1 day, the gig is still showing 2 days. I’ve been delivering it in 1 day for over a week.

It looks like on my top 3 gigs there is no way to have them show I am delivering in 1 day. They all say 2 days. I am told that this is normal. I cannot have express delivery of 1 day on them. I cannot let buyers see that I deliver in 1 day. This must be a new feature but I’m not told what is going on.

I thought the express tag was different from just displaying one day delivery but I might be wrong. I replied to your other post. I don’t think it’s new.

Delivery time is now “average delivery time”.