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Can’t Find Any of My gig in Search

Hi there, I am delivering Architectural Services and my gigs used to be on the 1st or 2nd page on the search engine. But recently whenever I search with the keywords I have used in my gigs, I am not seeing my gigs. Is there any glitch or any issue with my gigs? I have recently updated my SEO too. Can someone please suggest me something? Thanks in advance.


I’m experiencing the same issue here… i hope someone would give us a useful answer.

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Hi there, I am searching on the web too. I will let you know if I find anything helpful :slight_smile:

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Your rank history doesn’t dictate your future ranking. You don’t know what the algorithm is set to do.


yes you are right but if there is some issue that can be resolved by changing SEO or some helpful tip then I should do that. Thats what I am asking for.

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Then everybody would be on the front page?

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No it depends on the keywords you put into the search bar. If I am putting all the keywords related to my gigs then at least they should appear then!

If you’ve updated your profile, you’re out of the search functions for 24-48 hours.

This has been happening to me since Saturday morning. I am on the first page of my category all the time in best sellers, I am nowhere to be found now. I know usually between the 12th and 15th of every month they reorganize this kind of stuff, but it’s a bit strange to not find that gig at all. Hopefully it gets back.

I think the issue is from fiverr algorithm, and you don’t have much to do about it. Only fiverr support can help you out.

No they can’t.

You just have to make sure your gig describes what a buyer may search for

Same thing is happening to me since 30 days now my gigs are no where to be found hmmmm no order since then as well

I made two gigs. One is seen and the other one isn’t, even if I search by the exact tags in desireable categories.

You don’t appear simply because you used the keywords, just like you don’t rank well in Google as long as you use the appropriate keywords. SEO use makes rank possible if other conditions are met because you can become crawlable by the engine. It doesn’t mean you will rank.