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Can´t reply a new message



i receive a mail, that i have a new message. but i can´t reply this message, because the user may not be contacted directly for privacy reasons.

is that any way to write that user?


No. This usually happens because the user has violated the Terms of Service of Fiverr or they have opened a dispute for a refund on Paypal. You most likely do not want to deal with this user.


he try to contact with more then one users at a same time thats why. I faced this problem so i know that. Please contact with support center they could solved your problem within 1 min.


@cheezees is right; I want to add that, unfortunately, that message cannot be removed from your inbox even if you cannot open it.

Archive this message and forget about it…


Should I assume this advice applies to a message I received; the message doesn’t entirely make sense (they’re asking me about my “blog” in reference to a gig where I’ll post to their forum) and when I click on the message there is an alert that says the buyer will not be able to contact me, and that I should submit an “unspam” thing to communicate with them. Does that mean the buyer has been blocked/banned by Fiverr since they sent the message? I generally don’t like to ask questions here, but I’m not in the mood to jump through a million hoops to ask CS. :slight_smile:

mark74 said: Archive this message and forget about it....