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Can\'t reply to message in inbox?

I’ve had a message from a supplier come to my inbox but when I click on it to reply it just resfreshes the page? … when I click on older messages beneath this one, it opens up the conversation and I can reply as normal… any ideas why this is happening??
If you’re reading this danomad247 it’s you I’ve been trying to reply to!

Just seen it that when I try to reply it says at the top of the page “for privacy reasons this person can’t be contacted directly” … how do I reply to his offer then??

Normally it isn’t a good idea to put other people’s usernames on the forum and is against the rules if negative. In this case, though, danomad247 has been banned from Fiverr so you cannot contact that person.

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The user who messaged you has been identified by Fiverr as a spammer/scammer, and has had their account deleted. This is why you can’t reply. We had it happen to us this morning, our inbox showed a message, but with the exact same notice that you’ve got. There’s nothing you can do, or need to do about it, as the user is no longer on Fiverr. Just ignore it and carry on as normal.