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Can\'t use files, I can open and that is it

I received a logo with jpeg, png and source files. They came in a zip form . I can only open them. I am unable to open them, edit them save them or open them in other apps. Any suggestions?

Have you extracted them from the zip file?

Unzip them from the zip file. You may need to find a free program and download it to be able to do that if you don’t have on one your computer.

Get Winrar, it’s free

Use Winrar to Unzip otherwise you can ask the seller to deliver again separately.

I paid and tipped, when do I get my logo?

yanki2197 you need to ask your seller.

The seller is the only one who can tell you when you will get it. Are you related to lucky131?

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Download Winrar and install then click on the zip file your received from seller and all file will be open. You can drag any file to your desktop and it will open normally.

I can no longer open attachments (view work) from my iPhone. What gives? Have logged out and back in, restarted phone and even redownloaded app.

Even i send final files as a ZIP attachment as there is a file count limit per msg :slight_smile:
Best thing to do is login using a computer and unzip that file
Download file -> right click on it -> open with compressed (zipped) -> Extract all files
Ten you can see them or edit them without a problem

And make sure you have a related software to that source file
If not download a trial version from internet
Without that, you can’t open most of source files

lol ??

For mac you can use default software to unzip. If you use windows you can use use 7zip its good. And if still you get error or something else, You should contact with the buyer and take the file again.

o think you can use PEA Zip.It is cross-platform(Windows,Linux,MacOS X)