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Can’t verify phone number

I signed up to become a seller and I am unable to verify my phone number

1.Turn off any VPN in use.
2.Clear all your cookies or at least the ones for Fiverr.
3.Do the same with cache.
4.Restart your browser.Look to see if that fixes your problem. If not, do the same steps and also restart your computer before you restart your browser.
Hope it will be helpful🥰
Thank you😇

Is there a space before your phone number? It looks like there is.

Hello Samdidonato,

Please navigate to your verification link using a mobile device and retry. It will definitely work. :slight_smile:

Just in case you still have this issue, try using the numbers above the keyboard, and not the keypad. (It’s weird, but there’ve been threads that report back that it does work.)