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Can teens become successful on here?


After learning of Fiverr’s existence a couple weeks back, (thank you Shane Dawson, a big youtuber who did 2 videos on this site/app) I’ve been really interested in it. I thought it was neat that you could do what you like, help strangers from around the world, and even make some cash along the way. So I decided to join because why not. Seems like fun, plus I have a lot of time on my hands because I attend online school so I’m always home.

From what I know, Fiverr doesn’t really specify an age requirement to sell your services so I’m guessing it’s fine that I’m 17 and created my own gig? Anyway, my question is on a site like this CAN a young teen like me become successful? I feel like it’s nowhere near possible seeing all the skilled, certified adults here and I feel like I’m not match against them. I ask/say this because I don’t want to be wasting my time to be honest. I’ve tried applying for real jobs in the past with no luck so I thought I’ll try this and make some quick side cash until I can gain a real world job.

If any other teens who sell happen to be reading this, how long did it take for you to get your first buyer? Do you think people are hesitant to buy from you because of your young age? I’m just curious really. And to the adults, honestly speaking, would you actually buy from a teen seller if they met your requirements and were selling what you needed?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Hey there, welcome! I’m not a teenager, but I am a college student, so definitely on the younger side (as evidenced by my terrible username…)
I’d never really had real world jobs in the past either, partially due to living in a country where you can’t legally work under 18. For me, Fiverr has been an opportunity not only to earn cash, but also to hone the skills that I potentially want to make a living on in the future.
It took me about five days to get my first job, and it’s been pretty good from there on out. I now have several returning clients, and they all seem satisfied with the work they’re receiving.
I’d say that you shouldn’t offer up the fact that you’re on the younger side, but you also shouldn’t lie about it. Personally, I’ve never had any issues with buyers dismissing me because of my age, but you definitely do need to find something you’re reasonably good at. I’m not necessarily a professional writer, but I’ve still managed to gain work here. While credentials are useful, it’s more about meeting the requirements of your clients.
Well, I’ll stop rambling for now. I’m on mobile so I can’t click through, but what’s your gig about?


For sure.

Check this post by @braden10collins who is a little younger than you

Or this one from @jonathanmaes564

These two have had success here but they are not one-offs. There are quite a few teens on Fiverr, some are less vocal about it than these two but I remember their posts well. I know of 5 or 6 others who have had good starts and made good money here. It must be said that it is not easy but it can happen if you are committed to it. Check out some of the pinned tip posts in the Tips For Sellers categories and when you have a question to ask, do a quick forum search to see if it has been answered and if not, create a topic yourself.
Best of luck!

Edit: I have bought from 5 or 6 teens on Fiverr for different projects and I am generally impressed by the level of professionalism shown. One - not so much, but you can’t all be perfect I guess. Clear communication and just simply doing what you say you will do counts a lot here!


Yes. And welcome and :four_leaf_clover: .


Hey there,

I might have some very specific tips for you :slight_smile:

What is your market? What skills do you have or can learn quickly?

I saw you only have one gig, and in a very difficult market. Writing gigs are very difficult to get off the ground, because there are a lot of established writers with quite low prices and hundreds of reviews - who’s going to order from you? You need to think about what you can offer competitively: look into popular gigs, add your on twist to them (it makes no sense to make a copy of another sellers successful gig. You will have the exact same gig but with 0 reviews. Who do you think they’ll order from?) and try to differentiate yourself from the mass. Or think of an entirely new service, see if it catches up.

Stand out and be confident. You can definitely embellish your narrative (pointing to your best work ever - “Oh, this? This is my average work quality”), but don’t make stuff up. Don’t say you can do what you really can’t. Simple stuff, really.


Hello @jourdanjayy , I’m really happy to find another teenager in this platform :slight_smile:
I would say it’s possible. As a 15 year old freelancer, I did get my first 6 orders in my first 2 months of work I believe. (I wasn’t putting that much of effort, that’s why I got 6 only)

I think you should give it a try. It doesn’t really care what your age is. What is more important is the skills you have. However, I do not recommend adding your age as people won’t get you seriously. This was my main issue not on Fiverr, but in different platforms and when applying on real jobs.
I’m not a professional, these are just my personal view.
Good luck & I wish the best for you in here :smiley:


“Fiverr doesn’t really specify an age requirement to sell your services so I’m guessing it’s fine”

Fiverr TOS says you must be 13 years of age or older to use their platform. Also you mentioned you are looking to make “quick cash” this might not be the right place as you need to work hard and your sales won’t come overnight it could take months. But I say go for it! You will do great! Good job!


Go for it young man. Your age is not an issue. Your quality of work will be. Go for it without hesitation!


it doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or a mature business entrepreneur to be successful here. All you need to have is skills, ability and professionalism about your services.