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Can the buyer ask any modification after review the order with 5 ***

can the buyer ask any modification after review the order with 5 *** .

because my one clint give me 5** and after completing every time asked me for review . if I don’t he complin in Fiverr. now, what can I do plz help me.


If they have any free revisions left then Fiverr would probably want you to do the revision anyway (eg. deliver in the inbox), or at least if it’s within 14 days of completion maybe. I’d take “unlimited revisions” off any gig package you have it on.


one month ago i complete the order and he give me 5** and good review. Every time asked me for revisions in without cost. if I don’t he makes a case on Fiverr. what can I do plz tell me

If it was me I’d probably do the revision if they have free revisions left (or maybe if they had no free revisions left if I thought it was quite a quick thing to do) even though it’s a long time ago. Also like I said, take “unlimited revisions” off your gig packages that have it.

If you don’t and they have free revisions left then maybe Fiverr might cancel it or something, I don’t know, but since it’s a month old they are probably less likely to.

Or you could send an offer for the work if they have no free revisions left.

So if they have free revisions left the best thing I think is to do the revision (even though the order is complete).


that was the custom offer.

plz tell me what i need to do.

It’ up to you what you do. If you gave any free revisions in the offer and they have some left then I’d do the revision.

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i not work with him any more . he need warranty of product . he check all her requirements but now lying

all products have unlimited revisions. i worked four projects for him

So never offer unlimited revisions when you send an offer and never have unlimited revisions in any package (it’s only on your premium packages I think).

If you sent an offer with unlimited revisions that they accepted for that order, it’s probably best to do the revision.


I am new here this is very helpful for me .Thank you uk1000


For what’s worth this post has been helpful. I just changed all my unlimited revisions even on my premium package.


brother he give me message

what can I do ?? please help…

Hi! You have 2 choices.

1 - Keep working for him. But… what if he NEVER leaves you alone? It’s a risk I would not want to take. It’s exactly why you should never have unlimited revisions.

2 - Ignore him and wait for him to complain to Fiverr. The worst thing that can happen is that he gets a refund and you lose that money. And be sure to block him immediately.

Don’t panic. Yes, he can complain to Fiverr, but you won’t be banned or anything like that. The order will simply be refunded.

Personally, I would chose losing the money on that order but getting rid of that nightmare person.

  1. I’d remove unlimited revisions from all your gigs so it probably won’t happen again

  2. Do what was suggested above by @zerlina84

It might be worth reporting the message for harassment but I’m not sure. If you can do the revision by that time you could do that. At some point you should probably block that buyer like suggested (since it’s been over a month since the completion and he’s harassing it should be okay).

The seller help says:

If you set unlimited revisions, it’s your responsibility to revise the Gig until the buyer is satisfied.

But the buyer did complete it over a month ago with 5 stars so was satisfied then. Ideally you could contact CS to see what they say but it might take 10 days for them to reply.


in my GIG there are three type package Basic (1 time revisions), STANDARD, PREMIUM (unlimited revision)

and this order are custom order and which package he takes not write there.

Yes but what if in future someone orders the premium package from one of your gigs directly (instead of accepting a custom offer), this could happen again then with a future order, with them asking for unlimited revisions unless you remove the unlimited revisions from every gig package.

he cancel all order and back all money. what can i do now

If he’s cancelled them through a chargeback or through a CS maybe you could contact CS about it if you did all the work. If CS cancelled it and it was one that the buyer wanted revisions on (the one completed over a month ago but with unlimited revisions) maybe they won’t refund you but it might be worth asking and saying they completed it over a month ago and were happy with it then.

You could block the buyer so that they don’t order again. If you haven’t removed unlimited revisions yet you could do that too.

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thanks for all help. :joy::joy:

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