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Can the buyer or seller correct/request review correction after order is complete?

I recently completed an order. The client was generous and we were extremely delighted to serve him. Though, there was some gaps from the client end we still served him with some of the services that wasn’t part of the requirement.

After, the order was completed I got 3 star reviews without any specific mention of the bad service sadly.
When I contacted the buyer he told me he did it by mistake and will correct it if I raise a dispute.

Is there any option from seller side to request fiverr to allow the buyer to review again?

What are the options from the buyer side for this use case?

No and one more time no. You or your buyer can not change reviews. Reviews are final. I would also suggest to red fiver TOS that you signed because it clearly said it there.

You might get a warning for contacting your buyer and asking about reviews.
And that’s exactly why you need to read fiverr rules.