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Can the offer price be lower than the gig price?

Hello everyone, I’m here recently. In the search did not find about it.
A client wrote to me, he needs small changes (in his words), the price of which may be lower than indicated in my gig.
What is the best way to do this - to make a separate gig with a lower price, or can I, in conversation, make an offer with a price lower than that indicated in the gig?

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send a custom offer with a lower price


Yes , it can .It happen to me many times.Client order my gig and successfully complete it and after two days comes to me and said I just need to change the color.And for that I charge a little via custom order .

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I would be very careful about lowering your prices for some “small changes” that haven’t been detailed. It’s you who sets the price, not the buyer.

The other day I had something similar - “quick changes” was the phrase. When he finally listed the “quick changes”, they were a) not quick at all and b) would have taken several days and a lot of my time.

Make sure you know what’s to be done and base your offer on that. It may be more, it may be less, but at least you’ll get paid a fair price.


Yes I understand. There is no question of more work for a low price :slight_smile: I rather soberly evaluate my efforts.
Moreover, more specifics have been reported.

I just wanted to clarify how it works, for the future.
Therefore, in the chat I can create a special service (supposedly), independent of the concert.
Thanks to everyone for the details. I wish you productive work!


Yea make a custom order dude

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