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Can this suck less?


I was sold on this site until the gigs portion of the setup. I offer numerous services, creating a gig was a PAINSTAKING experience. I’ll never use this site again. Im a working professional, why are we calling it gigs? Why are the tags and everything so specific if you must create a gig for every potential service I could offer.


Hello, sorry you found it so painstaking. This is not the right platform for everyone. I wish you luck in your continuing pursuit of your online goals.

Because that’s how the fiverr search engine knows which category to put your gig under.

Gig is a good word for the type of jobs we offer here. There is nothing derogatory about the word.


Sounds like someone needs a quick dopamine boost.

  • Finding it unreasonable that to start selling you need to create a gig?

  • Hate having to tell Fiverr how to rank your gig via tags etc?

  • Feel like your likely too good for such needless complexity?

Hhhmmmm… My millennial sense seems to be tingling.


I see you did manage to create a gig. You will need a longer description than this:

Voice over work. Dubbing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering included. Location is based in a thriving historical mill town.

It’s a cool looking studio and interesting that it’s in a thriving mill town, but it’s not something someone looking for voiceover talent would care about.

What they would want is to actually hear a sample of the voiceover you offer. They probably won’t want to pay $500 to a seller without any reviews also. You will have to start out at a lower price until you get some reviews.


Take on board what @misscrystal has suggested and also check out the voiceover category to see how profiles and descriptions are completed but do not copy anyone. It will also be a good guide as to what other sellers are charging. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: