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Can this unique gig of mine be featured?


Hey Guys,

Let me know if my gig can be featured or how to get orders on this new gig.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: Cheers!


Hey, hi. Just a question. How did you become level one seller?


Reply to @jasveena: I just joined about more than a month ago and completed more than 10 orders. Thats it :slight_smile:




Reply to @khalolservices: Can you tell why?


are you going to ship this or just sending a picture?


a picture, sending from India is a bit tough


Congrats ur gig made it to the front page :slight_smile:


Reply to @nida_ishtiaq: Thanks :slight_smile: Fiverr did it, Lets see If it make any sales today :slight_smile:


@yourdesigner5 Yes your gig is unique And can be featured Just one suggestion Make that Presentation more Attractive and colorful I know its a bit Tough job as my mom is doing this kadai and bunai from the day i Born :wink: I wish you a very good luck !!

Best regards



Reply to @think_unique: Thanks for the suggestion, I will try to implement them Prashant. :slight_smile: