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Can two buyers order simultaneuously?

Hello friends, I want to know if two buyers can order simultaneously on my gig? If yes, then does the countdown (deadline timer) start for both the orders? I am a little bit confused about the concept of “order queue”.


Yes. Any number of buyers can order at the same time… Each order has its own countdown timer. They are concurrent, not consecutive.


Not only just 2 but more then 5 can order on same time. And the time can vary. Bcz the timer for every request is different. You can see the deadline in your timer.


Alot of buyer can order you same time , Yes deadline timers start for both orders

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Any number of buyers can order at the same time…:blush:


The timer for each order will start as soon as the order is placed and requirements are submitted.


There is absolutely no limit to order placements so far your gigs are visible to interested buyers. Each order starts at there own time as rightly stated by @j6nyc6

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You can limit the order with the your desired number. After that number of order you will not receive any order.

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Thank you friends for clearing my doubts. I will set to 1 order only because I can’t work simultaneously on two or more projects and deliver them all in time.

However, it would be better if I have this option to queue my orders and they start their countdown only after I finish delivering my other order.

As I am taking 2 days to finish my gig, and if two people order this same gig the same day then it would take me 4 days to complete the orders. :face_with_thermometer: But both orders’ deadline will be 2 days. So, this is my problem.


I think this option is not yet introduced.

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Make your delivery time longer. It usually takes me 2-3 days to write a 16 bar verse but my delivery time is 7 days. I’m lucky enough to have clients reach out to me first before placing an order. That way I can tell them i’m booked for the next few days but will gladly contact them when I’m free.

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