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Can u check my profile and gigs why am not geting sales

if its not so much trouble can you check my profile or gigs and se if there is anything that wil turn customers away please , am not getting orders for few months.

Its same happen with me. Now days sales very down, i don’t know why. But i am sure fiverr solve if any issue are happen and we will get more orders soon. Thanks

fiverr has to realise we have put our time to be on desk to provide customers with gigs but not gettting sales is just not acceptable.

its waste our time

Ilovecustomers: if I were you, I would redo your Description. “Your viewers will think highly” is not grammatically correct. I would also consider trimming down the # of gigs you offer. Focus on your best sellers. Sometimes less is more. Hope this helps.

follow the tips that are shared by sellers and try to implement those tips into your account not just read as story . It will helps you a lot thank you

I visited your profile.It is good idea,I’m trying to get first orders. … :slight_smile:

same to me ,

Wow you got a Mall of Gigs don’t you think its too much and its very unlikely for you to get selected for featured gig. Some errors in your Gig description however i feel that little mistakes in your english doesn’t count if you are offering good and valuable service.

If you know graphics designing why not to give a try in Logo Designing,Logos are always in demand and SEO i think.

you have 2 “Unacceptable Reviews” Where you failed to deliver.
You need to start over,Good luck

There services you are offering are unique but honestly speaking, The gig videos are not that attractive .The thumbnail isn’t eye catching. If I was a buyer and was viewing your gig. I wouldn’t place the order because first the gig are not that attractive. The point is update your gig videos.

Boss can you check my description now what you think cheers.

thanks allot for the reply , i think i should add information on the videos aswell and make it look more better right.

Yes that’s what you have to do. Go for something else. Don’t stick on these niche. I will suggest you to learn Caricature.